Boil perfect Breakfast Eggs with our Countdown Timer

What better way to use a timer than to make the perfect breakfast eggs? But how long should you boil eggs so they become your dream dish? This guide will help you with exactly that problem:

  • 5 minutes: set white and runny yolk – just right for dipping into, use our 5 minute timer
  • 6 minutes: liquid yolk – a little less oozy, use our 6 minute timer
  • 7 minutes: almost set – deliciously sticky, use our 7 minute timer
  • 8 minutes: softly set – this is what you want to make Scotch eggs, use our 8 minute timer
  • 10 minutes: the classic hard-boiled egg – mashable but not dry and chalky, use our 10 minute timer

Once you have decided on how you want your eggs, follow these steps to make your perfect breakfast eggs:

Step 1: Place eggs in the bottom of a saucepan. Be sure not to crowd the eggs in the pan. They should fit comfortably.

Step 2: Fill the pan with cold water, 1 inch above the eggs.

Step 3: Bring the water to a rapid boil on the stovetop over high heat.

Step 4: Once the water comes to a boil, cover the pan with a lid and remove the pan from the heat. Do not lift the lid. Set a timer for the type of boiled egg you want, pick a timer duration from the list above.

Step 5: Fill a large bowl with ice and water.

Step 6: When the eggs reach the desired cooking time, use tongs to remove the eggs from the hot water and immerse gently into the prepared ice water to cool, about 10 minutes.

Step 7: Gently tap the eggs against a hard surface and peel away the shell. Rinse the egg under cold water to remove any bits of shell and pat dry.

Voila! Perfect breakfast eggs. Enjoy!!


Use our Stopwatch to Time your Laps

You can use a stopwatch for almost anything, but the most popular use remains timing someone or yourself while running, cycling or doing training exercises of any kind. Our stopwatch is accurate enough for these purposes, recording up to a tenth of a second. It also comes with a lap timer / split timer, so you can keep track of and improve on those lap times.

Give it a try here for your next lap timing:


Use our Alarm Timer for your Recipes

There are infinite possibilities as to what you can count down with our online timer. But using a timer with alarm sound works especially great for keeping track of your recipe, whether you are cooking or baking. You can choose a minute counter from 1 minute to 60 minutes, or an hour counter, anywhere between 1 hour up to 24 hours (in case you are cooking up something really, really serious!).

Give it a try here:


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