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This page is a 5 minute timer that counts down once you click 'Start'. This online countdown timer will alarm you with sound in 5 minute. You can pause and resume this timer anytime by clicking the 'Pause' or 'Resume' buttons. When the timer is up, it will blink and sound an alarm.

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Lap Timer Stopwatch

"I used this stopwatch to time my son running laps. Accurate down to a microsecond, very simple and useful!" - ★★★★★ - James

5 Minute Timer

"The 5 min timer was ideal for egg boiling. Perfect eggs in the morning!" - ★★★★★ - May

60 Minute Timer

"This simple 60 minute timer was ideal for baking my marble cake. The alarm was loud and I didn't miss it." - ★★★★★ - Jo

100m Dash Stopwatch

"I timed my kids running the 100m dash with this simple tool. I recommend it." - ★★★★★ - Mike

Simple Stopwatch

"Simple stopwatch that just works. 5 stars." - ★★★★★ - Michael

Split Times Stopwatch

"Split times on the stopwatch were great for timing my runs" - ★★★★★ - Gemma

Simple Timer

"I wish more sites were as simple and straight forward as this one!!" - ★★★★★ - Linda

30 Minute Timer

"I used the 30 minute timer to set a reminder for myself to take a break. Works great!" - ★★★★★ - Liu

10 Minute Timer

"The 10 min timer worked perfectly." - ★★★★★ - Maya

6 Minute Timer

"Boiling eggs was easy with this 6 minute timer" - ★★★★★ - Nina

Cooking Countdown Timer

"I timed my lasagna in the oven with this countdown timer. Perfect!" - ★★★★★ - George

45 Minute Alarm Timer

"45-min timer set to wake me up after a power nap :)" - ★★★★★ - Vicky

Alarm Sound

"The alarm was nice and loud!" - ★★★★★ - Sophie

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